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“Love Changes Everything” becomes instant hit!”

Now Playing  July 22, 2018


Jon Putzke’s latest show “Love Changes Everything” – a musical tribute to the award-winning works by British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber – caps the Theatre-Go- Round

(TGR) Dinner Theatre’s 10 th season. Opening recently at the Quilted Giraffe Restaurant, the musical premiered to a sold out crowd. Originally intended to perform through May

6, the show has extended its run into July due to pre-opening demand. Like Webber’s smash musicals on Broadway and London’s West End, this latest TGR offering is an

audible and visual show-stopper.


I should note that I have been reviewing TGR shows since the dinner theatre’s inaugural season and have experienced a virtual cornucopia of musical delights over the past

decade, thanks to Putzke’s keen ear and unerring ability to produce a show. While the cast has changed over the years, audiences could be assured of high caliber professional

talent. And this cast of Beth McKenzie-Shestak (choreographer), Gregory Harris (vocal director), Caitlin Harris and Brendan Wenger provided the most stunningly beautiful and

gorgeously performed effort to date.


Elegantly attired in black tail tuxedos and satiny indigo gowns, the cast made a grand entrance that gave strong indication that “Love Changes Everything” would indeed

change everything that TGR had previously performed. Viva la difference!


For me and my husband – who has accompanied me to every TGR performance these past 10 years – “Love Changes Everything” is the most impactful performance we’ve

ever seen Putzke and his cast present. It’s the best of the best and included more choreography, more complex vocal harmonies, more elegant costuming and more

pertinent spoken facts about the show than any preceding presentation. It’s a brilliant “grand finale” to a decade of fine performances which included tributes to Neil Diamond,

Motown, the ‘60s, Americana, New York and Mississippi riverboats.


Truly, the realm of music is like a vast universe in which Putzke is a seasoned traveler.  And his almost uncanny ability to know what will work and what won’t has, over these

past ten years, given TGR a word-of- mouth reputation resulting in sold-out and extended shows. This is also dinner theatre and so a fine gourmet meal – courtesy of Quilted

Giraffe Executive Chef Kurt Runge – adds a gustatory enjoyment to the evening which leaves all senses beautifully sated.


“Love Changes Everything” is one of the most ambitious productions Putzke has presented to date and audiences seemed to know it in advance.


The show will perform at the Quilted Giraffe Restaurant located at 500 South U.S. 1 in Vero Beach on selected Sundays through July 22 with dinner served at 4:30 p.m. and the

show at 6 p.m. The cost is $65 per person which includes a three-course dinner, show ticket, tax and tip. Reservations are required. For complete dates and for more

information, call 772-252- 9341.