Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre Flex Pass on sale through June 15, 2018.

Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre

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Flex Pass

Our Annual Flex Pass Sale is on NOW
through Sunday, July 22nd!

Save $40 With Each Theatre-Go-Round
Dinner Theatre Flex Pass


Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre, the only professional dinner theatre along the Treasure Coast in partnership with the famed Quilted Giraffe Restaurant on US 1 in Vero Beach, has consistently provided our patrons with excellent food, beverages, service and musical theatre entertainment year round!

Our critically acclaimed dinner theatre packages continue to feature Chef Kurt Runge’s 3 course gourmet dinners of Filet Mingon or Fresh Seafood of the Day (along with vegetarian and gluten free entrees when requested in advance) show ticket, tax AND gratuities.  And of course our a la carte beverage menu of beer, wine and cocktails is available throughout the evening.

Money Saving Flex Passes Are On Sale Now

As always, the sale is limited to the first 50, and only 50, sold!




*The versatile Flex Pass saves you $40 over the regular current dinner theatre package price. You get 4 dinner theatre packages @ $55 per package; a savings of $10 per package over the regular $65 per person price. You’ll only pay $220 for this $260 value!

*Flex Passes can be used in any combination of your choosing! You can use one package at a time and see four shows, you can use 2 packages at 2 shows, or you can use all 4 packages at 1 show! It’s your choice as to how you want to save $40 at Theatre-Go-Round Dinner Theatre.

*You choose the show you want to see, when you want to see it, and then simply phone our box office to reserve your table for that specific date. The box office staff will defer the reservation payment to your prepaid Flex Pass. It’s easy, it’s simple and Flex Passes save you $40!

*You need not reserve all your dates at one time. Our Flex Passes are truly flexible!

*Flex Passes never expire! You can use your Flex Pass at any time for any show with advance reservations.

*You may purchase as many Flex Passes as you wish, up until the allotted 50 are sold.

*The 2018 – 2019 Flex Passes can be used beginning August 19, 2018 with the opening of our all new season.


*Remember! Flex Passes NEVER expire! 

You can use them at YOUR convenience!

Great Opportunity to SAVE $40!

Only 50 Flex Passes are available for purchase and will be on sale only through Sunday, July 22, 2018. To purchase your Flex Passes, call our box office at 772-252-9341 with Visa, MasterCard or Discover.